Monday, June 13, 2011


So I'm hoping to get to train a bit with my hubby. He really pushes me. he knows what I can do and he wants to reach my full potential. He's so awesome! I really hope he'll let me pull out my gloves so I can practice on the focus mits. I think that is my fav. I'd like to think if I went down a dark alley (which I'm way to chicken to do, so no worries on that) that I could actually hold my own, at least long enough to throw a few punches, claw the guy and bit and run the other way. I mean I'm not Xena Warrior Princess or Max from Dark Angel, I'm a chik that knows some dirty street fighting when I need to whip it out and put a smack down on the perp, but I have sense enough to run away when I get the chance. You've got to hold your own until you see that opportunity to get the heck out of dodge.

Sarah Meadows

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Me and Hubby having some wild fun

Okay so get the head out of the gutter.  I'm just posting me and hubby going at each other with sticks hehehe.  Alright more like us practicing stick fighting.  ^_^ Hubby taught me everything I know on fighting and I enjoy turning it back on him hahaha. lol So here's the video of us.  Feel free to watch my Youtube channels whenever. I've got three.  Two are just mine alone and one is both mine and my moms.  (Manifest your world channel) (greenajah channel)  (mine and my wonderfully cool moms channel)

So no further adu me and hubby stick fighting.

Sarah Meadows

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Here's a funny story

So there was this guy we were hunting down for a few weeks.  Hubby finally find out where the guy was staying, so he spotted a perfection location to just wait for the guy to show.  The guy just kept eluding us (booger).  Hubby finally asked me to watch and he'd watch DS for me. So I followed hubby to the spot and waited.  The plan was to just watch and when I spotted the guy to call hubby, he and the other bounty hunters would move in and arrest the guy.  I mean since I have son with no one to watch him, I was cool with that. So I hunkered down in the spot and waited.  I started to get bored and had to turn on CoasttoCoastAM so I could pass the time.  I had my ear phone inside one ear and my leg was starting to get a cramp in it so I started shifting around to get a better spot and by george I sat in a stupid ant hill.  Those boogers are mean and their bite hurts like the dickens.  Well I stayed there after discreetly brushing off the evil bugs for another 3 hours.  No luck though in spotting the guy.  I saw his girl friend plenty of times though.  Lesson learned: before sitting down make sure the area is free of mean evil ants that choose to consume your flesh if you sit on them.

So here's the low down

This will just be a blog that has of course everything to do with my Bounty Hunting and the love of Martial Arts.  I am a 31 yr old woman, who homeschools a wonderful DS and Bounty Hunts.  Since I am a stay at home mom it is hard to do some of the bounty hunting, so I am the look out and the person that comes up with ways to get the guy or gal that skipped.  Here's a cool book.  I read it in just a day.  I downloaded it to my Amazon Kindle.
Secrets of a Modern-Day Bounty Hunter