Sunday, June 5, 2011

Here's a funny story

So there was this guy we were hunting down for a few weeks.  Hubby finally find out where the guy was staying, so he spotted a perfection location to just wait for the guy to show.  The guy just kept eluding us (booger).  Hubby finally asked me to watch and he'd watch DS for me. So I followed hubby to the spot and waited.  The plan was to just watch and when I spotted the guy to call hubby, he and the other bounty hunters would move in and arrest the guy.  I mean since I have son with no one to watch him, I was cool with that. So I hunkered down in the spot and waited.  I started to get bored and had to turn on CoasttoCoastAM so I could pass the time.  I had my ear phone inside one ear and my leg was starting to get a cramp in it so I started shifting around to get a better spot and by george I sat in a stupid ant hill.  Those boogers are mean and their bite hurts like the dickens.  Well I stayed there after discreetly brushing off the evil bugs for another 3 hours.  No luck though in spotting the guy.  I saw his girl friend plenty of times though.  Lesson learned: before sitting down make sure the area is free of mean evil ants that choose to consume your flesh if you sit on them.

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