Monday, June 13, 2011


So I'm hoping to get to train a bit with my hubby. He really pushes me. he knows what I can do and he wants to reach my full potential. He's so awesome! I really hope he'll let me pull out my gloves so I can practice on the focus mits. I think that is my fav. I'd like to think if I went down a dark alley (which I'm way to chicken to do, so no worries on that) that I could actually hold my own, at least long enough to throw a few punches, claw the guy and bit and run the other way. I mean I'm not Xena Warrior Princess or Max from Dark Angel, I'm a chik that knows some dirty street fighting when I need to whip it out and put a smack down on the perp, but I have sense enough to run away when I get the chance. You've got to hold your own until you see that opportunity to get the heck out of dodge.

Sarah Meadows


  1. My wife is hardcore too! She's been wanting to go out on bounty hunting pickups for years now. She is definitely tough, but I'd rather her not. bail bonds in Las Vegas is kind of a tough racket. Those that skip bail out here are not the easiest to deal with.

  2. Same deal with my girl at my Henderson bail bonds company. She wants to grab a taser and roll out!